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Wing Tai Properties Limited (“Wing Tai”) has been listed in Hong Kong since 1991. Their diversified property portfolio comprises quality residential, commercial, industrial, serviced apartments and boutique hotel projects. The Group believes in the long term growth of Asia; and has continued to generate strong and consistent returns to our investors. Their position as a premium developer continues to strengthen. They have successfully demonstrated ingenuity and creativity in every new project.

“The Pierre” is set in the prestigious neighborhood of Central at the heart of Hong Kong’s central business district.  Wing Tai Asia and Lanson Place Hotel have pooled their pre-eminence in their respective areas of expertise to create “The Pierre”, which offers the advantages of unparalleled quality in residential design and the unmatched standards of hospitality of “Lanson Place Lifestyle Services”. The elite lifestyle at “The Pierre” combines both the energetic pace of Central and the leisurely pace of SOHO, making it attractive to senior international executives and offering considerable investment potential.

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Project Director / Man Yeung
Project Management / Derek Nip
Creative Design / Frank Liu, KC Leung, Tiff Diu
Development / Frederick Mak, Edwin Yung

  • Date: 2012
  • Client: Wing Tai Properties Limited
  • Filed under: Property & Construction