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In 1948, A-1 Bakery was first to establish a distinct lineup of health-conscience and fresh bakery in Osaka, Japan. In 1984, A-1 was introduced to Hong Kong. In recent years, the company has expanded further into the Asia market and is operating more than 50 bakery, Japanese and Western cuisine outlets in Hong Kong at present.

Our Deliverable /

Website Design and Production, Content Management System (CMS), iPhone/iPad compatibility, Social Media Integration, Web Hosting

The Team /

Project Director / KL Yuen
Project Management / Chris Ho, Raymond Hui
Creative Design / KC Leung, Erika Tsui
Frontend Development / Jacky Tang, Coco Kwan, Waselle Kwan, Edwin Yung
Backend Development / Winson Qiu, Hoi Wong

A-1 Bakery Website Design
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A-1 Bakery Website Design
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