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We offer a full range of website, mobile apps, social media and other multimedia services, from market research, creative and art direction, branding, web design, animation and video production, web application and system development, social media planning, to print matters.


Through the insight gained from clients’ needs, we establish communication strategies in digital and traditional media alike.


We develop a consistent brand experience through innovative methods of digital, ATL, and BTL.

Integrated Marketing

We compose campaigns that use the power of collaboration through digital and traditional channels.

Our name “AvantBiz”, combines “Avant-garde” and “Business”, which means we will infuse your projects with modern and exciting ideas to achieve sound business objectives.


Web Design and Web Application Programming Services

Responsive Website Design | HTML5 UI & UX Design | Flash Animations | Interactive Web Game Design | Web Content Management Systems (CMS) | Facebook Apps | E-commerce Website / Online Store | Web Membership Database & Secure Access | Website Login Security

Mobile Application and Mobile Web Design

Mobile-compatible Web Design | iPhone Apps | iPad Apps | Android Mobile/Tablet Apps | Branding Apps | GPS-enabled Apps | Social Network Apps | Any other new media developments realizing your imagination

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Management & Promotion | WeChat China Marketing Campaigns Design & Development | WeChat Enterprise Account Setup for Hong Kong Companies | WeChat e-Commerce Solutions | WeChat Payment Solutions | WeChat Customer Membership Solutions

Digital Marketing & Analytics

Online Campaigns Idea & Production | Search Engine Marketing (SEM) | Search Engine Optimization (SEO) | User Behaviour Tracking & Analysis | E-commerce Funnel Optimization | Re-targeting | Google or Baidu Strategies


Availability Clustering like Load Balancing, Dual-Active or Failover | File Sharing Server | Security & Firewall | DDoS Protection

Featured Client

YouTube Subscribers Store

AppSally is growth marketplace powered by AvantBiz. The marketplace provides marketing services for various Internet platforms such as YouTube. For example, YouTubers can buy YouTube likes, YouTube watch time, buy YouTube views as well as buy YouTube subscribers monetization from AppSally. The growth marketplace claims to be the largest provider of self served YouTube marketing services, helping over thousands of indie YouTubers reach the upper echelon of top YouTubers. Apart from YouTube, AppSally also provides marketing services for over 20 of the largest Internet platforms such as Twitter, FaceBook, Reddit and LinkedIn, Twitch and many more. AppSally has been a customer of AvantBiz since early 2018, as we helped AppSally from the ideation stage right through web design, development, marketing and branding. Today, AppSally is goto place for YouTube subscribers and is the largest growth marketplace of its kind.

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