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Friends of the Earth Green Festival Website

Friends of the Earth brings you a Green Festival

Merry Christmas! People think of gifts and feasts when Christmas is coming. Have you ever tried to enjoy a green festival? Visit this website we designed for Friends of the Earth for some green inspiration!

Hongkong Electric X’mas E-card 2009

This is the second year we designed Christmas e-card for Hongkong Electric. The e-card is a Flash animated featuring energy saving concept using LED lights.

Sino X'mas E-card

Sino Group X’mas E-card 2009

We’ve just designed and launched a new Christmas e-card and home page Flash banner for Sino Group. You may visit the Sino Group website to discover both items. (E-card and banner are currently offline after promotion period. Designs can be reviewed at this link.)

HK Electric e-card

We designed an Christmas e-card for Hong Kong Electric for use in their intranet e-card system. We used light, a symbolic element of the company, to illustrate their three main missions for the community which are also Christmas wishes of the company.