• Konica Minolta Hong Kong Corporate Website
  • Konica Minolta Hong Kong Corporate Website
  • Konica Minolta Hong Kong Corporate Website
  • Konica Minolta Hong Kong Corporate Website

Konica Minolta Hong Kong Corporate Website

Task /  Website Design, Corporate Website
Client / Konica Minolta Business Solutions (HK) Ltd

Deliverables /

Website Design and Production of around 800 pages, Content Management System (CMS), Social Media Integration, iPhone/iPad Compatibility, Level A Conformance to W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Deployment to global server

The Challenge /

The Konica Minolta global brand identity was updated and all regional websites had to be revamped based on the latest identity guideline. On the other hand, the original Konica Minolta Hong Kong website consisted of more than 500 plain HTML web pages with 3 language versions. The client had to face the pain of editing page by page whenever they were going to update some common modules such as navigation menu or footer. They also have huge amount of products and solutions data to present in the website.

Our Solution /

We proposed and developed a brand new visual design based on the bare minimum requirements from the identity guideline, which is unique and outstanding among different regional websites. The navigation and layouts were tailor-made to cater multiple needs of HK office apart from user-friendliness, and to present their huge amount of products and solutions data.

We adopted the latest HTML/CSS technology to maximize cross-browser/platform compatibility. The website conforms to the World Wide Web Consortium’s (W3C) internationally recognised Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 to the level  A.  Users can browse the website on all major mobile or desktop devices with different browsers in correct order and precise layouts.

Most importantly the website is now fully powered by our CMS. The CMS faciltates the process of adding or updating a new product or a news article to the website. The CMS generated URLs are SEO friendly.

The Team /

Project Director /  KL Yuen
Project Management /  Edla Pang, Emily Kwan, Cleo Cheung
Creative /  KC Leung, Nano Chow
Development /  Edwin Yung, Sky Yip, Coco Kwan, Hoi Wong
Support /  Yuki Choi, Stephanie Leung, Tina Man


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