HKU Kunqu 2008 Website

HKU Kunqu 2008 Website

We are currently designing a set of promotional items for a upcoming series of Kunqu performances (崑劇) organized by HKU. Our first deliverable is the event website HKU Kunqu 2008. Other items including poster, invitation card, leaflet, programme booklet and tickets are also under development.

Minosa website launched

The website for a new Australian fashion brand Mimosa is launched. It features their 2008 Summer Collection. Yes, it’s summer. We almost forget it is going to be summer in Australia soon!

Mercedes Benz Motorsports Collection Microsite

Mercedes Benz Motorsports Collection Microsite

We designed and delivered a Motorsports Collection microsite for Mercedes-Benz under extremely tight schedule. The website introduces the latest collection and highlights some of the products. You may visit this page for more details.

Hilltop Country Club

Hilltop Country Club website launched

The Hilltop Country Club website is launched. The website becomes the best way to present facilities of the club.

Genetics Octopus Watch Website

Genetics Octopus Watch website revamped

The Genetics Octopus Watch website is updated with new branding. It also showcases the latest watches produced with new technology and materials.

HKU, Department of Chemistry

Another Website for HKU Department of Chemistry

We just designed and launched a new website in one month for Department of Chemistry of HKU for their urgent use in the coming semester. Last year we also created another website design project for them for the OLED Laboratory. This is one example of successful long-term client relationships.

Sogo Hibachi Restaurant Website

Sogo Hibachi Restaurant from USA

We designed another restaurant website for our US office – Sogo Hibachi Restaurant from New Jersey.

Jardine Matheson Group e-Book

e-Book for Jardines

We have created an Flash e-Book for Jardines’s 175th Anniversary Publication which was available to view on Jardines website. You can now still review it at this archive page.

FLIR Seek the Heat Product Website

Product website for FLIR

We’ve launched a product website for FLIR’s i5 Infrared Camera in both Simplified Chinese and Korean versions. The website introduces a Flash animation which allows visitors to virtually experience its heat detecting function!

Yakitori Boy from USA

We designed and launched a website for our USA office - Yakitori Boy, a hip Japanese restaurant in Philadelphia. We integrated Google Map into the contact page which is a very popular and practical online tool to American users.

The 8th Estate Winery Corporate Website

The 8th Estate Winery website goes live

We designed and launched the website of the 8th Estate Winery. Please click here to learn more about this website for the first and only winery in Hong Kong.

Access Money from UK

We designed and delivered the Access Money website for a client from UK within a tight schedule. This is one of the many web design projects that we discussed with overseas clients through just emails, without having a meeting or even voice chat.

Web Design for Silenus

We launched the website of Silenus, a recruitment specialist from Hong Kong.

QTSA Fact Sheet Design

Fact Sheet Design for QTSA

We provide graphic design and printing services for the new Fact Sheet of Quality Tourism Service Association of Hong Kong.

Canon Printer Advertorial Design

Canon Printer Advertorial Design

The advertorial for Canon Large Format Printer is delivered and published on different magazines. A web version is also released on DCFever. Please click on this link for more details.

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